Maya Fridman and Farid Sheek in concert

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Location: MACA 14:30-15:00

By: Farid Sheek and Maya Fridman


For the musical concert Khazan, Farid Sheek and Maya Fridman will explore the dreamy colors of the season with Persian santoor, daf, and cello. The performance connects with the feelings of nostalgia and separation associated with each season. Their concert will be full of melancholy and passion, which ultimately manages to cheer up the listener.  FARID SHEEK composes, plays piano and daf (a Persian frame drum that has been played for thousands of years in the Middle East). Born and raised in Iran, Farid Sheek has lived in the Netherlands since 2011. Here he combines the rich Iranian musical tradition that he received from his father with the Western influences that he acquired here.

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