Black Mass, Classical Piano Ritual

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Location: MACA studio 18:00-18:30

By: Anima Lab (Daria Fedorchenko)

Black Mass is a piano ritual that investigates the relationship between pianist A. Scriabin and the Theosophist movement through his piano compositions. The exploration delves into the question of the separation of matter and spirit. Through her own designed ritual, Daria debunks “enlightenment” to present a poetic and grounding approach, one that brings connection to the body of the audience. Founded by Daria Fedorchenko, Anima Lab creates alone and in collaboration. In order to balance microcosmos and macrocosmos, Anima Lab engages in interdisciplinary work with other practitioners and artists starting from the seed, the conceptual process, throughout the production until the execution. The content and the shape remains flexible while the view and intention always remains at the core of the project..

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