Laspi, Ritual Performance

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Location: Maca 19:00- 20:00

By: Myrgon


Formed by the mixture of earth and water, “Λάσπη” (Greek for mud), is a sacred material that facilitates spiritual transformation and connects humans to their ancestral traditions. It possesses healing properties and can be used to purify and cleanse the body. Through the clay, the performer connects with the element of earth, letting it become a channel for their energy and intentions. Their aim is to transcend the physical form and enter a higher state of consciousness, to be born again. Myrgon is a multidisciplinary artist working with earthly materials. Their artistic expression delves into the connection of the human body to its origins through ritualistic and mythological techniques. Their work manifests in live sculpting ritual performances, led by instinct and the subconscious. Forging a link between the physical body to its spiritual roots, the entities that emerge during their acts, reflect existential explorations and experiences on identity and the human condition.

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