Warm-up workshop. Find your voice to write from Grief, Creative Writing Workshop

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Location: Treehouse NDSM, 14:00-16:00

By: Kevin Groen (Ahn Kwang Soo)


Art, and specifically poetry, can be powerful in helping us make sense of our emotions. Whether raw, uncensored, poetic, vulnerable, angry, direct, unapologetic, rhyming, non-sensical, writing is a tool that can help us navigate experiences like grief.

During this workshop you get to dive deeper into your own grief, and through writing make sense of it, sit with it, confront it, and move with it. This workshop is for everyone, no writing experience needed.


Kevin is a behavioural change expert and spoken word artist who doesn’t shy away from exploring the uncomfortable. As an adopted South Korean boy growing up in The Netherlands ‘identity’ has always been an important question throughout his life that only led to more questions. Today he uses his voice to help his clients change their behaviours, and confront audiences with prejudices and unconscious biases you didn’t even know you had.

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