Warm-up workshop. My death, their death: converse,reflect,prepare.

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Location: Treehouse NDSM, 15:30-17:00

By: Alejandra Nettel (she/her)


A workshop made for everyone who wants to start talking, thinking, and taking action about their own death and help others to talk about it and prepare for the death. (Yes, for you and your family, including children from seven years and older).
Where to start? What are the main points to consider? It is about yourself.

“My death, their death” is about yourself and your beloved ones; this is a unique opportunity to start opening the conversation with your children and family, to take the time for yourself to reflect on your own death, and to invite others to the process.

In this interactive workshop, Alejandra will converse openly and reflect with you about your death; you will be able to ask questions you may never want to ask anyone else and start preparing for your death.

The taboo of not talking or thinking about our death has been the source of many unpleasant family moments; if you care about your loved ones, take a deep breath and dare to think about your last moments on this earth.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a clear idea of where to start and receive a guide to prepare for your death with pleasure and openness.

Alejandra Nettel has spent over a decade asking people from different backgrounds: What is dead for you? Evolving in a series of videos responding to “the question.” If you want to be part of this ongoing project, at the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to answer “the question” and be part of the project.


Alejandra Nettel is a Mexican/Dutch artist and motivational speaker whose work deals with death and Buddhism. Working as a public and radio speaker, as an actress, and a photographer, Nettel’s diverse and rich background in performing arts, media, and visual communication all contribute to her skill as a presenter. In her work, she wants to empower her clients to express themselves with confidence, charisma, and creativity. The workshop at D&R Festival will help to provide people with practical insights and guidance on dealing with death, as she encourages participants to approach the topic through the lens of mindfulness.

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