Pain and Pleasure of Poisonous Mushrooms, Lecture

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Location: MACA studio , 11:00 – 12:00
Georgia Kareola


Georgia Kareola (they/them) is an interdependent writer and researcher with an interest in more-than-human ecologies and non-rational ways of knowing.

They are a co-founder of Neo-Metabolism, a research and design practice based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

Georgia has recently completed an MA in Comparative Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Here they are also currently completing an rMA in Religious Studies, with a thesis on Amsterdam’s psychedelic underground.



“Well known for its red cap and white dots, the amanita muscaria mushroom is perhaps the world’s most famous ‘poisonous’ mushroom. Eating this mushroom tends to come with some physical discomfort, and can have profound psychedelic effects. Because of both its poisonous and psychoactive properties, use of the amanita is illegal in most countries. Yet, this mushroom keeps appearing in popular culture and the collective imagination; its appeal has far from disappeared. This presentation will address both the pain and pleasure caused by interacting with the amanita muscaria, while providing a historic overview of the visual representations of this truly magic mushroom.”


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