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Intersectional feminism, Women’s Spirituality, and Birth Justice panel discussion.

with Clarice Gargard, Bahareh Goodrazi and Safa Kamdideh.

We shed light on essential topics pivotal to advancing intersectional feminism such as midwifery within the healthcare system and academia, spirituality in art and Western media, and spirituality and religion in Western academia. While these themes may initially seem disparate, exploring them collectively unveils the underlying impacts of oppressive systems. These systems not only influence public opinion and shape outcomes in publications but also contribute to the subtle construction of inequity.


Clarice Gargard is a Dutch journalist, writer and filmmaker of Liberian and American descent. She hasworked for various newspapers and broadcasters such as VPRO, BNNVARA, Vrij Nederland and theCorrespondent and was a columnist for the NRC. In 2019 Daddy and the Warlord, the documentary about herfather and the Liberian civil war, won a Golden Calf. She wrote the book Daughter of Dragons about Liberia, her
family history and migration. Clarice has also won several awards and has been nominated for hergroundbreaking work combining journalism, art and social criticism, such as the Joke Smit Incentive Award, theBlack Achievement Award and the Emma Goldman Snowball Award.


Bahareh Goodrazi is a midwife, a lecturer at the Midwifery Academy in Amsterdam, and a post-doctoral researcher at the department of Miwifery Science.
She has a master’s degree in Health Management and received a doctrol degree in 2023 with a dissertation on risk selection in maternal and newborn care.
The focus of her work is reproductive justice.

Safa Mirror is a trans-disciplinary artist, researcher, and Tarologist, exploring the intersections of magick and mysticism. She dedicates her research to analysing, deconstructing, and contextualising Middle-Eastern Mystical traditions and Western Esoteric practices.


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