Smear Champagne- Butoh piece

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Listen carefully.. that is not you that is wrecked, that is your wound, and underneath that wound, trauma, confusion, whatever the fuck, there is the most beautiful – you. Has my wound healed? I can’t tell, but I know it doesn’t bleed anymore, and I know that because I watched the last drop leave. Open space, for a new life to form, for new blood to start circulating. And for the knowledge and wisdom that such space carries to manifest. Has my wound healed? I don’t know, but I am sure it has changed, and that I do find as a miracle. I don’t know how to explain a level of surprise, relief, and disbelief, when internal pain changes to a space that is there to welcome life again. I don’t know if the wound ever heals, but I am sure it changes inside, it has stages, shapes, and tones. Some of them disappear, some turn into scars. And they change as well, if there is a possibility to have enough time to kiss it and give it meaning when there is none.

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