Queen of the Night – Ritual Hook Suspension

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Location: Maca 18:45-19:30
By Luna Duran and Lucas Celinski

In “Queen of the Night”, Berlin based artists Luna Duran and Lucas Foletto Celinski will embody an archetypal myth of the descent of a Sumerian Goddess into the netherworld and her eventual resurrection. Using hook suspension and meticulously constructed jewellery activated by ritual movements in temporary piercings, the artists transmute injury into visual symbol. In this performance attendees are invited to enter atemporal space where they collectively undertake a purification journey inscribed in cuneiform tablets thousands of years in the linear past. Luna Duran and Lucas Foletto Celinski are of Latin American origins currently working from and residing in Berlin where they develop their artistic practice centering on the body. Taking from the tradition of modern primitives in the 80s and 90s finding their way back to pre-colonial ritual practices in the Americas. These extreme ritual practices are performed and documented in various artistic mediums.

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