Eternal Hush, Performance

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Location: MACA, 18:30 – 19:15

By: Safa Mirror (she/her)

A performative translation of Rumi ghazal number 636

Eternal Hush, is a performative translation of Rumi’s poetic accounts of his experience with fanā, or death.

Fanā, or death, is one of the key concepts in Sufism. It indicates the process of losing one’s self, identity, possessions, belongings, and ideologies, for the soul to ascend this earthly realm, in hopes of reaching unity with the divine. As this state of oneness is inherently ineffable, surpassing all linguistic or intellectual forms, it has been described by Sufi poets as the silence in death.

Safa Mirror (she/her) is a trans-disciplinary artist, researcher, and Tarologist, exploring the intersections of magick and mysticism. She dedicates her research to analysing, deconstructing, and contextualising Middle-Eastern Mystical traditions and Western Esoteric practices. As an artist, Safa utilises her talents to decipher, translate and perform the mystical Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez. As the resident Tarologist at, Safa manifests her divinatory powers, offering insight from both Eastern and Western wisdoms.




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