Moon Waters, Sound Healing and Spoken Word

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Water on the surface of the earth absorbs vibrations and store them. It appears to act as the Earth’s sensory organ for cosmic movement and information like the moon tides f.e. How does the water inside and around us interfere into our memory?

These thoughts have given birth to the idea of MOONWATERS, a poetic landscape that layers abstract sounds with spoken-word that brings us in touch with water -as our inner listener, the element that allows memory.



Sofia Kaloterakis is a poet, artist and sound healer based in the Netherlands.

She uses poetry as a tool to navigate worlds such as the dreamscapes in her first poetry collection ‘Drift in Lyrics’ or the non-ordinary shamanic visions of her upcoming second collection. She is fascinated with science-fiction and its ability to makes us imagine and world-build new ideas about the future.

Beyond the realm of word, she also often gives spoken-word performance and guided meditations. She also guides ceremonies and offers sound baths.

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