Mystique Circus, immersive ritual

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Following the strong buildup of energy, deriving from the collaboration, the Mystique Circus Crew creates an immersive live event. Where the music and visuals of Desert Flower come to life on the dance floor. A full audiovisual experience with a life performance of DJ Endless Ritual. Where sounds and visuals guide you to explore the vastness of yourself. Music has the power to evoke strong emotions and transport us to different places and times. Combined with visual art and lighting, this leads up to a multi-sensory journey. A truly immersive and transformative encounter on the dance floor.

Desert Flower is a collaborative project of Art Director Air-i-kah, DJ & Producer Endless Ritual, Visual Artist Khmi and project management and communications by Together they form the Mystique Circus Crew. A crew joined together for this project by their love for music, art and their intrinsic motivation to grow in any direction possible within their own creation. Sharing and enhancing each other. The poem of Endless Ritual can be seen as the start of project Desert Flower, a deep dive into becoming an artist, a personal journey to freedom and expression of creativity. It was the kick-off for the first ambient techno track of the EP Desert Flower, called ‘Initiation’. The EP Desert Flower is an ambient tribal techno album by Endless Ritual. The music and visuals for this album stem from the continuous interplay between the members of the crew. Awakening a feeling and a journey. Where sound & image start to emerge, the recording process starts and all interactions start to immerse into the music and the video. As equal artistic expressions.


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