Chimeric Songs: Birth Into the Future (Workshop)

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Location: Maca, 11:00-14:00 by Birth Futures project.

Join Marjolein Pijnappels in her workshop at the Death and Rebirth Festival, ”
Chimera Songs: Birth in the Future,” as we explore the profound interplay of life,
death, and technology’s impact on childbirth. As a futures ecologist and
speculative designer, Marjolein guides participants through meditation,
collaborative storytelling, and a 2×2 matrix exploration of physiological and
techno-medical pregnancy. Immerse yourself in envisioning diverse birth futures,
fostering creativity and critical thinking while exploring the intricate dance across

By exploring three midwifery communities worldwide, Birth Futures critically designs and reflects on future birth practices in Peru, India, and the Netherlands. This innovative approach challenges existing paradigms, decentering Western practices and envisioning a multi-modal, interactive art exhibit that explores the future of birth through VR and AR layered storytelling. Birth Futures, addresses pressing issues in modern healthcare related to obstetric violence and overmedicalization. With a pluriversal approach, the project examines the future of birth care, incorporating diverse voices from various professions, ages, and geographies.

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