Witch House Night II

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By: Clepsydra (italy), Skaen (bielorussia), Monomorte (UK), DJ INNOCENT DARKNESS
Location: Treehouse NDSM, 20:00 – 00:00

Witch house is a genre of music that emerged in the late 2000s and early 2010s, characterized by a dark, ethereal, and often haunting sound. It blends elements of chopped and screwed hip-hop, dark ambient, noise, and various aspects of electronic and industrial music. The name “witch house” is believed to have been coined as a joke by Travis Egedy (who performs under the name Pictureplane), but it was quickly adopted by artists and fans of the genre.

The style is known for its use of occult, horror-inspired visuals, heavy use of visual symbolism, and altered or distorted visuals and sounds. Many witch house tracks and artists use typographic symbols in their names, such as triangles, crosses, and Unicode characters. This aesthetic choice adds to the mysterious and underground feel of the genre.

Witch house is often associated with acts like Salem, White Ring, and oOoOO, who were among the early artists to define the genre’s sound. These artists typically use heavy, reverb-laden beats, synthesizers that create a ghostly atmosphere, and vocals that are often distorted or buried in the mix.

The genre gained momentum and wider recognition in the early 2010s. It was particularly popular in online music communities and among listeners who were drawn to its unique blend of electronic music with gothic and occult themes. DJs like Innocent Darkness have been instrumental in promoting witch house since the early days. Your involvement in playing this genre since 2012, particularly with your discovery of White Ring and organizing events like “Land of the Creeps” by Dj innocent Darkness, parties in Antwerp city, places you among the early adopters and promoters of witch house.

As with many music genres, witch house is not just defined by its sound but also by the culture and aesthetic surrounding it. This includes the kind of events you’ve been involved in, where the music, visuals, and overall atmosphere contribute to the experience. Your interest in doing something new within this genre could involve exploring and blending other musical influences or creating unique visual and auditory experiences that push the boundaries of what witch house can be.

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